Corn, Callous and Cracked Heels

Corns, callous and cracked heels are things we see a lot! They are annoying, unsightly, and sometimes very painful.

Corns differ to callous in that they form a central core (a cone shape) that pushes into deeper levels of skin. The pain that you may feel is that of walking on a stone.

The reasons why you are developing these are varied but can include:

·       Dehydrated skin

·       Wearing sandals

·       You may have a genetic skin type prone to developing calloused or dry skin

·       Irritation or compression from poor fitting footwear

·       Certain medical conditions

·       Smoking


Please avoid DIY jobs at home. We see many people who have attempted to remove themselves, even with over-the-counter treatments like corn plasters, or treatments claiming to peel layers of skin away. We DO NOT recommend these methods of treatment as they can be dangerous.

We will provide individual advice and treatment as to the best way to treat in the short term and long term to prevent recurrence. We will leave your feet healthy and smooth. 

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