Foot Pain Treatment

A biomechanical assessment will be undertaken to assess the way your foot, leg and body are functioning as you walk or run. Small abnormalities in movement can be the cause of pain or symptoms.

We will examine the joints, muscles and structure of the foot, ankle and leg. We will move and assess joint range of motion, movement and strength. Also assessing leg length and taking measurements to ascertain any abnormalities.

It is important to note that the way in which the foot functions can have an impact on other parts of the body, meaning that issues may arise elsewhere. 

After all assessments have been undertaken, we will discuss results with you and create a treatment plan which may involve things such as strapping, stretching, footwear advice or orthotics.

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Kerry Hunter Podiatry is a home visiting Podiatry service covering Central and West FifeDuring each podiatry appointment I will provide preventative care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of a wide range of problems affecting the feet and lower limbs.

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