Medical Pedicure

Feet dry or calloused? Hard to cut nails properly? Wanting your feet to be fully pampered? 

Details of our Medical Pedicure:

Suitable for both men and women
Medically sterilised equipment
Assessment and diagnosis of any skin or nails abnormalities
Cut, shape and buff nails
Removal of dry skin/callous/corns
Cracked heels addressed and smoothed
Ingrown toenails treated
Fungal nail infections diagnosed and treatment advice
Traumatised or damaged toenails improved
Tinea Pedis or “athlete’s foot” addressed
Application and removal of foot scrub
Application of nail and cuticle oil and beautiful skin moisturisers


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Kerry Hunter Podiatry is a home visiting Podiatry service covering Central and West FifeDuring each podiatry appointment I will provide preventative care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of a wide range of problems affecting the feet and lower limbs.

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